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Frequently Asked

Who is Areté Collective?
Areté is a fully integrated developer of restorative escapes, bringing a level of excellence to a broader market. We excel at—and take pride in—delivering properties that intentionally bring people closer to nature while embodying low-impact principles at every step. We strive to bring together community and culture while thoughtfully preserving the unique aspects of the spaces we develop and establish vibrant new avenues for neighbors to convene and connect. As the new steward of Thomas Ranch, the planned 2,200 acre residential and commercial development in the beautiful hills of Lake Travis, we are working to create a new frontier when it comes to Lake Travis living. Our vision for Thomas Ranch is that it will lead the way for more integrated planning for the inevitable growth of Austin and inspire our entire region to remain attentive to the needs of our unique community and landscape.

What will be available to the public and what aspects of Thomas Ranch will be private and require a membership?
Much of what is planned will be available to the public, including downtown amenities like shopping, entertainment venues, casual and upscale dining, a boutique hotel, nature trails and parks, a new hospital, grocery store and civic and cultural spaces. Private amenities include the one-of-a-kind David McLay Kidd golf course, a private community, and certain waterfront access points.

Which waterfront activities will the public have access to?
There will be some public access to the waterfront and waterfront activities as well as natural swimming holes, lagoons and community pools throughout the property. More details to come!

Why was a golf course added to the plans for Thomas Ranch?
Areté has added an 18-hole David McKlay Kidd golf course designed specifically for the unique Texas Hill Country landscape because it’s what people expect in a community like the one we envision. We have a deep commitment to the natural water sources of Texas and DMK specializes in creating more natural, low-impact courses. The DMK golf course is being designed in a manner that will forge a path for brand new conservation techniques, including utilizing parts of the golf course for a nature preserve, and inspire all future developments when it comes to the smartest use of Texas’ precious resources while offering players a challenging and rewarding golf experience with incredible vistas of the natural environment surrounding the course.

Will adding residential and commercial developments in Spicewood increase traffic and roadway accidents?
As the Austin region benefits from job creation and major capital investments, growing pains and challenges related to density—including traffic, affordability and water planning, among others— will continue to arise. The best way to handle inevitable future growth is to plan for it and bring unique solutions to the table. This is exactly why Areté’s investment in new, safer roadways through Spicewood aims to decrease the number of accidents and increase efficient flow of traffic. Within the community, a network of inclusive, all-ages pedestrian streets and trails keep those on foot out of harm’s way while connecting them to all the neighborhood’s amenities.

Which schools will the children of Thomas Ranch residents attend?
Initially, residents’ children will attend Marble Falls ISD schools with great potential and opportunity for new schools to be built in the area to ensure all children within the district are receiving quality education.

When should construction begin for this project?
We’re in the early stages of development with approvals and infrastructure coming into place over the next two years before construction begins in a phased approach. Early residential sales will begin in late 2023 with a full sales rollout in 2024. More details to come on specific timelines, phasing and construction plans!

Won’t this development fundamentally change Spicewood and the lifestyle that makes it so desirable to the current residents?
Our intention is to enhance it by creating a new frontier when it comes to Spicewood living, working in sync with our new neighbors. This mindset extends to our overall approach to what development can and should be–honoring the beauty of the land and the elements that make the Hill Country and Spicewood living so desirable by incorporating them in a meaningful way. We believe we will, with the help of our future neighbors and residents, define a new vision for what life beyond the center can be while meeting social, economic, and ecological objectives for a thriving community.

How will the development impact water usage?
We have a deep commitment to the natural water sources of Texas. As land stewards, we understand the importance of water conservation in the world that we live in today. It is at the forefront of our actions in reimagining how water will be used and reused within the community, from the DMK golf course, to the residential homes of Thomas Ranch.

What environmental impact will the development have overall?
Areté strives for a new way of life that protects the land as it is so people can enjoy it for generations to come. This development aims to preserve and respectfully integrate into the landscape that surrounds the Texas Hill Country. By design, Thomas Ranch residents and visitors will play a hands-on role in creating and caring for the local ecosystem. Beautiful and functional community gardens as well as a large destination farm offer opportunities for cultivation throughout. Thomas Ranch is committed to maintaining and caring for the unique natural resources and water quality of Lake Travis. The extensive research and dedication to the preservation of the Texas Hill Country is highly important to the land stewards at Areté and the reason the original land owner entrusted us to complete his vision.

How many units and what type of housing will Thomas Ranch build?
Through a thoughtfully conceived phasing plan, there will eventually be capacity for 3,500 new housing units to be delivered to market. In addition to single family homes, there will be multi-family units, townhomes, apartments for rent, senior living and affordable housing units.

What will the price range be for the homes of Thomas Ranch?
Housing will be available for purchase across multiple price points including units for rent.

Will I be able to go to Thomas Ranch for shopping, dining, music and other cultural events?
Yes! Much of Thomas Ranch will be open to everyone. There will be ample opportunities to spend a day, or weekend, exploring the shops, enjoying events and live music, and connecting with nature in a seamless way that is unlike anything else Central Texas has been able to offer before. Imagine coming out to the ranch, getting breakfast and coffee, then utilizing the miles of nature trails for hiking, biking or running, coming back to do some shopping and enjoying lunch before checking out whatever event or pop-up is happening that weekend. Ample activities and programming and the exciting new boutique hotel encourage staycations for full immersion into what makes Aréte and Thomas Ranch so unique.

How can local businesses connect with Areté for potential opportunities?
We are looking for exactly that–local businesses that the community already knows and would love to help us naturally bring what makes Lake Travis living so great into the Thomas Ranch experience. Everything from multi-purpose coffee shops, breweries, restaurants and next level pizzerias, boutiques, art studios, wineries and vintage shops. If you are interested in speaking about partnership opportunities at Thomas Ranch, please email thomasranch@thomasranchtx.com. For media inquiries, please email aretecollective@candrpr.com.